The PAN party wins in Chapala.

The victorious gathered at the city hall to celebrate their success.

 After a long electoral season and an exhausting campaign, the National Action Party(PAN) is finally returning to power.  The PRI(Institutional Revolutionary Party) has governed in Chapala for the last three years. "Chuy" Cabrera's supporters celebrated along Chapala's main street, from the entrance to the city to the lakeside pier and boardwalk.  The crowd was jubilant, and you could see entire families packed in the back of their pick-ups, waving flags and excitedly dancing.


Meanwhile, anxiety and uncertainty were noted in the ranks of Alfonso García, the defeated PRI candidate.  An announcement of electoral irregularities was made, and and even the intention to contest the results.  Due to legal action, the final results of the election won't be certain for a few months. 
But for the PAN supporters, it was a perfect moment.  The weather was beautiful and an almost-full moon lit the sky and accompanied the celebrants.  The highway from Chapala to Jocotepec was also crowded with drivers heading for the Chapala malecon to celebrate, honking their horns, waving flags, and enjoying the moment of victory. 
The electoral board's preliminary count was 9585 votes for Jesús Cabrera of the PAN, and 8400 votes for Alfonso García of the PRI.  We only have to wait for the following chapters to determine who is the new mayor of Chapala.
PAN Celebration, for Chapala elections