First week of the year.

Without new dengue cases in Jalisco.

 It was informed that in the first week of 2010, no new cases of dengue where registered in Jalisco, considering that in the last week of December 2009, 11 persons where contaminated.

This doesn't mean that we are free of the virus, because there is still some transmition going on, besides that this information only covers the first week of the year and we are in the third. The director of public health in the SSJ (Secretaría de Salud Jalisco, Health Department in Jalisco), assured that people can still get the virus.

In Jalisco we are still preventing and fighting against the mosquito "Aedes Aegypti", which transmits dengue fever. The Security Health Comitee in the state acorded that all suspicious patients should have a laboratory blood test to prevent a sub registry of cases. The main point of all of this precidures is to avoid that a person with symptom being a target for the mosquitos and with this to spread the virus.

Alfonso Petersen Farah, who is in charge of the state department, said that low temperatures are on our side when it comes to stoping dengue from reproducing, but last week we had some rain, which is a perfect environment for the mosquito to multiply.

We should be aware that in 2009 Jalisco ended in four place, national level, for his amount of cases.
Here are some numbers from 2009 that you should look at:
4,835 confirmed infections
4,045 classic type
790 hemorrhagic type.