The Level of Lake Chapala. June 2009.

It hasn't begun to recover yet.

 A late beginning to the rainy season has delayed the rising water levels in Lake Chapala.  The intense heat of the last weeks seems to have lessened and the rainy season is now well under way.  Every day from dawn to sunset rain constantly threatens and brings us hope that at any moment it will appear. For example, Sunday morning at about 3:00 a.m., we began to feel the first drops falling, producing a cool, cloudy dawn.  By noon the sun was shining brightly enough to please the Sunday strollers intent upon celebrating Father's Day. But the level of the lake hasn't begun to rise yet.  On June 14, the lake's quota was at 95.45, and the measurements of June 16 gave us a result of 95.44, the level which it has maintained for the last week. And even though the lake's level is higher than it was at this time last year and in 2007, there could be a concern.  For example, last year the lake's recovery began on June 11, and the year before the lake's levels began to rise on June 19.  And since the lake's quota last year at this time was at 94.53, and in 2007 at 93.90, we still have an advantage.


We will continue to bring you up to date on the lake's level so that you can remain informed.