The swine flu alert is back.

The virus raises sanitary risks for the population.

 The government official Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos affirmed that the cases of influenza type A H1N1 have increased in Mexico, without giving exact numbers.  He also mentioned that sanitary preventative measures should be taken again, as 450 new cases are registered each day.

Cordova Villalobos also stated, "We are going to have new cases.  What we need to avoid is that the cases become serious, and also we need to be able to respond to those affected who, unfortunately, need to be hospitalized.  We realize that there will be some deaths, but we hope that these will be few."
The Health Secretary noted that there are already agreements with some European laboratories to receive the first doses of the swine flu vaccine by the end of October.  Mexico has requested at least three million doses for that month.
The state health authorities affirm that this sickness will increase by 431%.
Of the 1622 cases that have been registered as of yesterday,  the number of affected persons could rise to 7000 more during the next winter season, according to the health specialists.
The representative of the State Population Council, Humberto Gutierrez Pulido, noted that there could be 28,000 more people affected with symptoms of the disease between October 2009 and March 2010.  He mentioned this during the closing session of the Comitee for Analysis, Background and Stategies to Lessen the Pandemic A H1N1, which took place in the Casa Jalisco.
In the worst situation, the increase in the number of people affected could be 50,000.  If this happened, the confirmed cases would reach 12,500.
Meanwhile in the United States and in Great Britain they are organizing parties so that the guests can be infected with Influenza A H1N1.  These are known as "Swine Flu Parties".