UdeG opens pet hospital.

The largest in Mexico and soon Latin America.

Now pets have a reason to be happy and that is because the largest public university in the state just inaugurate this new space for animal care. Located in Colonia Bosques de Centinela in Zapopan, promises to serve about 50 000 animals per year.

On Wednesday April 28, the general president of the University of Guadalajara, Marco Antonio Cortés Guardado opened the new hospital and mentioned that this project is of great importance for Guadalajara society, as well as for academic communities related to veterinary science and organizations dedicated to the care and protection of animals.

It will be open to the general public 24/7 and its services include medical consultations, deworming, medical tests and surgeries. It also has four clinics, an emergency room and a healing room, hospitalization area for dogs and one more for exotic species and a room equipped with imaging scanner.

They invested about 4 million dollars and has a surface area of 3,800 square meters. Although attention will be focused on traditional pets, doctors and students will be able to respond to all sorts of species.