The United States adds three more states to the security alert about Mexico

Contributors: Fiona Price  

The U.S State Departement today included three more states to the warning list for tourists planning to go to Mexico.

The list includes 18 mexican states in total which the U.S considers too dangerous to visit.

This is the first warning issued in 2012. The last warning was issued in April 2011.

These recent months Veracruz has experienced an increase in drug cartel related crimes.

In Colima the advice is to avoid driving at night on the highway, and visiting areas that border Michoacan.

When driving in Aguascalientes it is important to avoid the border areas at Zacatecas, due to fights between authorities and criminals.

The main risk which is linked to the drug cartels, happens in the border regions of the U.S. 

The U.S State Departement informs that the number of murders of the U.S citizens in Mexico increased in 2011. In 2010 there where 111 murders, compared with last year's 120 murders.

Importantly it also details that the situation in the other 14 states is not dangerous for travel and this includes D.F and Jalisco. Baja California Sur -frequently visited by northamericans- is also safe for travel.

Concerning Ajijic, many residents feel living here is not dangerous and down below is an interview that we've had with a local resident discussing the security of the area.