Aerojal, a new airline for Mexico.

Contributors: Bob Kotyk  

Aerojal S.A de C.V is expected to be a new airline based on the city of

This new enterprise plans to connect Guadalajara to other important or not so
important cities in Mexico, that are not covered by the other existing airlines, but
were covered before by Mexicana and Alma.

They will be using the Bombardier CRJ200, Canadian planes with 50 seats. They
will start with 20 of them flying to five destinations.

Their goal is to be the best way to travel by air and the preferred one by
businessmen. Hoping that this will be the difference and not the continuation of
what happened with Alma de México company, which is no longer working, they
claim that because they are from Jalisco, they will be better.

Trying to correct the deficit of airplanes that this country has, Aerojal is now
in process to obtain the official registration given by the Communication and
Transportation Secretary.