Chapala increases water level over the rainy season.

July and August have been great for the lake.

Not only has the rain been a great factor, but you can tell by the amount of “water hyacinth” (lily) now floating around, that several dams have let their water flow and come towards our lake, which has caused an increase of 70 cm (2.30 feet approximately). This has been way better than the past two years.

Now, moving on to the important data:

This was the level (cota) with which we started in 2013, 2014 and 2015:

As you can tell, the lake lost centimeters over the first dry and hot months of each year, starting June with a lower level:


But as July ends, we have a small recovery:

Here’s to hoping that the lake surpasses 100 cm in level this year and that the government takes actual measures to avoid draining Chapala’s water. But most importantly, we have to take care of it, by not contaminating and wasting it.

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