Activities to enjoy your stay in Chapala, México.

Whether you're coming for vacations or permanently moving here, we suggest you try out these out.

Most people (foreigners and tourists) have no idea that the largest lake in Mexico, offers so much more than just a pretty view. Just because it's not as developed as the big city of Guadalajara, it doesn't mean there aren't any fun activities to enjoy the town. 

Visiting or living in Ajijic, from my point of view, is wonderful. The peace and tranquility you feel here, gives you an opportunity to explore new places and spice up your daily routine, which is amazing for your body and soul. 

Walking on the malecon. 

The best place to watch the sunrise or sunset:  the waterfront. Or as mexicans call it: "malecon". You can walk at a slow pace or a fast one (if you want to get some exercise), breath some fresh air, watch the beautiful surroundings and voilá, your day just got a whole lot better. 

Tepalo waterfalls. 

If you like hiking, this one is for you, just remember the water is there only during the rainy season. This is a great activity for someone who likes a little adventure and has a good enough condition to go up the mountain. 

Water sports. 

Take advantage of the largest lake in Mexico and get some exercise in the water. Whether you like kayaking, waterskiing, sailing, windsurfing or just swimming you will always have some fun. 

Exploring the town. 

Even though it is not as big as some important city might be, walking around the cobblestone streets, getting to know the people and looking at the peculiar architecture might just give you an insight of how the locals like to live and the history. 

Trying new establishments. 

There is always something new to try and discover, it can be  in San Antonio, Riberas, San Juan Cosalá or even the municipality of Jocotepec. Lakesiders and visitors like to be updated on the newest shop or restaurant, it might even become the new "it" place, so just keep exploring. 


Last but not least, social activities. We have all kinds of events in Chapala, specially in Ajijic, there is a wide variety of cultural events. They go from expositions, to fairs, waterski championships and concerts. Some of them are for free but even if some of them have an entrance fee, you should consider attending.